Hello from Duck, NC! We are LIVE!!


Growlers To Go Duck excited to open the doors and welcome the visitors (and locals) to the great town of Duck, North Carolina and the OBX!  In our opening speech, we thanked so many folks who have helped us open the doors and feel so welcomed to Town.  We aspire to be an active member of the business community and look forward to many wonderful years working with the Town to make people #doducknc to it’s fullest potential!

With our Official Grand Opening Ribbon cutting ceremony behind us, we look forward to bringing you the finest in craft beer and handpicked wines.  Stop on by the shop and see for yourself!

In the mean time, take a moment and check out our new site!  We have added some neat links that show our Live Tap list, Packaged beer offerings and Wine list as well as a little about who we are and what we offer.  As always, our Facebook (@GrowlersToGoDuck) and Instagram (growlers_to_go_duck) have the latest and greatest most up to date info!

Cheers to a wonder 2017 Summer!  Drink happy and Be Well~

Craft Beer Store in the Outer Banks

brewster the beach duck. GTG mascot

Hello, I am Brewster, the Beach Duck.  I work at the new Growlers To Go Duck store.  My job is to make sure you can have the BEST BEER, at the BEST PRICES and offered with the BEST SERVICE  to help you have the BEST VACATION ever.

Growlers To Go Duck will be a fun store to visit.  We are located at 1187 Duck Road in the Loblolly Pines shopping center across from the Town Park.

We will have 42 taps of great craft beer and give you FREE SAMPLES to help you choose which ones to take to your beach house in a GROWLER.

We will have over 100 beers in bottles, cans and cases for you to browse and pick for your beach week.

We offer a way for you to enjoy draft beer at your beach house all during your stay.  We will rent and deliver  Kegerators full of kegs of your favorite beers and will return with full kegs whenever you request.  Imagine cold, draft beer at anytime by the pool or on the deck.

We offer a ‘Beer On Arrival‘ service to have Kegerators or Yeti Coolers full of beer at your beach house when you arrive.  After that long, traffic congested trip to OBX you deserve a cold beer.

I am building our new website to allow you

  • to learn about our store and the beers we carry
  • to order kegs and cases for delivery to your beach house
  • to rent Kegerators and Yeti ™ Coolers for you to be able to have cold draft beer at your beach house or cold bottes/cans of beer where ever you go
  • to order ‘Beer On Arrival’ so your beach house will be stocked with cold beer and wine when you arrive from your long drive to Duck
  • to suggest beers and wines for us to offer in the store and new services for us to offer

OK, I’d better get to work to get the store open.

Until then, you may visit our two Growlers To Go stores in Richmond VA.

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